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Discover the best on demand

Enable progress by getting to know people working for a better future. Click your way through our site and meet our Pioniirs. They are a diverse group. What they all have in common is their work for improving quality of life. Through our booking platform you'll take the step from funding to participating. By taking an active part and getting "up close and personal" you'll get whole new perspectives. Browse, book, meet, evolve...

Book an experience

Book an experience with the Pioniir you would like to get to know better. Shortly after you will receive a confirmation. You can also book through our instant confirmation feature. Then simply pay securely with our payment gateway. Any questions you might have you can address directly to the Pioniir through our site or by e-mail. Then be on your way to a life changing experience where you too get to take part in the work for progress.

Experience the best

Experience learn and evolve, meet innovative, progressive and couragous people. The ones you will be reading about in the media, but usually don't get to meet. By enabeling and empowering Pioniirs all over the world you take the step from being a supporter to an active participator in the work for a better future. Explore the world of innovators and gamechangers. They are just waiting to share their passion for progress with you!


Go from funding to participating!

We have taken a more direct approach on to how to support people and projects worth funding. By letting you meet people working for a better future, see the work they do and take an active part in it, you get truly unique experiences and the Pioniirs get to make money on the work they do anyway. It’s a win – win situation.

More often than not, it’s that personal connection you make that give you memorable experiences. Make that connection and both parties will make lasting friends, partners and supporters.

You simply browse through the people and projects in the areas you want to visit or live in and send a request to the Pioniir. Once a request is received, the Pioniir will confirm it with you within 24 hours (usually within 1-2 hours) and you will receive a link in your email to pay a booking deposit to secure your experience! Once you pay you will receive an email summary and you're good to explore the world of innovators and game changers.

As important, what you pay for your experience goes almost in full to the Pioniir and his/her/their local community. No agencies, no middle man, just you, this platform and the Pioniir

Maybe you do work the world should see. If so…

Create your own experience, grow your network and make money on the work you do anyway! Listing usually takes less than 30mins as experienced by most of our Pioniirs. For more information and tips on what makes a good listing, check our listing tips. You set your own price, how long the experience will last, what you will address, tell and show the guests, group size and much more. Voila, you’re a Pioniir too!