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Name your Experience

It’s important to choose the right title. This will be the first thing the guests will read about your listing. In particular the first 18 characters. This is what’s visible in the front along with your main photo.


The title and pictures is what will trigger the visitors interest in getting to know your project, cause or work better. Be as clear, honest and specific as possible! The description must set the right expectations of the experience.

Some important things to mention in the description:

  • Is the price/cost of the experience kept by you or shared with others? Do you donate to your cause?
  • Let them know the story behind your commitment, why are you passionate about this project, cause or work?
  • How did it all start?
  • What are your goals?
  • Are other parties involved? If so, who?
  • Are there any special circumstances or risks to take into consideration for visitors?
  • Are there any political, religious or other sides to your project, cause or work visitors must know about?
  • Is the area where the experience takes place considered safe?
  • What do you expect from the visitors?
  • Are they allowed to take pictures and share them on social media?
  • What do you want visitors to take away from the experience?

Make sure the description is 100% accurate. You must neither over-, nor underwhelm the visitors. What they see in the listing is what they get when they meet you!

Duration of the experience

How long will it take for a visitor to truly understand what “you are all about”? Is one hour enough, or is a week the absolute minimum? Our suggestion is that you, if possible, list different scenarios.

  • Hear our story. A couple of hours. This might also be done through a webinar.
  • Get to know us better. Visit us for a day, or two or three.
  • Get to know us really well. Learn how we work, walk in our shoes and understand why we do what we do. Stay with us from one week and upwards.

For the longer stays, room and board should be included in the price. That might also be a very good thing for the community. Are there local B&Bs or homestays who will benefit from visitors staying? Get them on board and make a really good “package” with the other locals. This is a win win – truly amazing experiences for the visitors and more business for the community.

PS! What the visitor takes away from the experience will probably depend on the length of the stay and how involved they get/you let them get.


You must ensure that the price of the experience reflects the general price level in your area/country. As important, it should be an accurate representation of the value that you offer to visitors, the length of the stay and what is included as far as “practicalities” like room and board.

Base Price is inclusive of the 10% service fee to Pioniirs… Take that into consideration when setting the price.

Pax Range

Choose a pax range small/big enough that you will be able to have a great time connecting with each visitor in depth! They came to get to know you and your project, cause or work. Make sure that they all leave feeling that they got to do exactly that. That will not only benefit them, but your project, cause or work too.


Ensure that the photos you upload are clear and portray an accurate representation of what will meet the visitors upon arrival. It should be a combo of people, village/city and/or landscape. Make it looks as interesting as it actually is.

Pick up location

Unless it’s a webinar or agreed otherwise, at the start of the experience you will have to pick up your visitors in at the pick up location. If the pick up location and the location for the experience is same, then simply click the checkbox that says, “same as pick up location”. All the details and map location will be copied.

Please ensure that the location details are accurately filled. If the map on the right hand side does not accurately pin the exact location, you can zoom into the map and customize the location of the pin to accurately reflect the location. This will then be saved in the system.

Course category

You have to ensure that you classify your listing in the proper category so that when guests narrow their search to look for a particular course, your listing is identified by the site based on the category.

Your booking type

You may or may not be able to accept all bookings that come for your listing, therefore classifying your booking type is important. If you would like accept ‘instant booking’ then 2 criteria’s needs to be fulfilled:

  • The listing needs to be your full time job/activity
  • You should always be able to accommodate all bookings based on the availability that you’ve mentioned in your calendar because guests will proceed to make a payment for your booking without notice of your availability. It is assumed that you are always available and ready to host guests.

If you cannot fulfill these items it’s best to select "booking request" which allows you the flexibility of accepting or rejecting a request based on your availability and level of preparedness. However, because you also have the option of customizing the calendar to let potential guests know when you are available, by default you should be accepting all bookings as rejecting many bookings could lead us delisting you from the site.

Getting ready

Your guests will be checking this section to see what they need to bring. Help them prepare for your experience by requesting that they bring certain things or wear suitable clothing. Here are some examples:


  • bottled water, sunblock and a cap
  • cash, we have no ATMs in the area
  • sleeping bag, tent, a sleeping pad and mosquito net
  • for women – a hijab or something to cover your hair
  • practical clothes and shoes appropriate for the area

Key amenities

  • Amenities describe the facilities that are provided to the guests during the experience. Amenities could include transportation, food, water, accommodation, etc.
  • As much as possible, you have to ensure that the key amenities are provided for your experience.

Is this course child friendly?

Whether your experience is child friendly or not depends on a number of factors. As long as you are up front with all information regarding your experience parents will be able to make a qualified decision for their children and family.

Set your weekly availability

Visitors can make bookings while planning their visit to your area from their own home town or they could be in your area when making the booking. To not miss out on any bookings whether the guests plan in advance or last minute, you have to set your weekly availability and calendar appropriately:

  • Please ensure that you only key in hours, days or weeks when you are confident you will able to accommodate visitors. While you do have the option of accepting or rejecting a booking, if you do this too often then we will have to put your listing under review. This could lead to removal from our site.
  • If you are unsure about the next few months then you can use the calendar to block out those dates that you are uncertain about by marking them as unavailable. This will be seen by guests who make long term bookings. For example, if you’re going to be away for a week in the next month then you can select those particular dates that you will be away and mark them as unavailable and guests will not be able to make bookings on those days.

Booking & Cancellation

Think about whether you will have costs to a cancelled booking. Having a strict cancellation booking will make visitors think twice before booking. Let visitors cancel without costs for as long as possible, otherwise a disgruntled guest turning up won’t be a nice guest either! However we understand that there are costs to some experiences. We want to make sure you are covered too so choose a cancellation period that’s reasonable for both you and your visitor.


With access to an international audience from all over the world speaking different languages, it is beneficial to include all the languages you know. This will help non-English speaking guests to identify with your ability to speak those languages. This will also help you to get guests who are native speakers of the other languages.


Visitors are more likely to feel comfortable booking a experience with you if you have verified your listing with accounts from Google, Facebook and any other account you find appropriate.