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No progress without profit!

From the inception of Pioniirs we’ve always maintained the belief that profit making and social impact go hand-in-hand. There will be no progress without profit. This mantra is what drives us.

How do we go about fulfilling that commitment? We try to help our Pioniirs make money of the work they do anyway and not be dependent on aid, micro loans, NGOs or others.

We try to do that by letting others get "up close and personal", get to know the Pioniirs and their work. We create networks where there was none, friends and lasting relationships based on mutual interests and commitment to contribute in whatever way you can to move the world forward.

Good ideas must be discovered and supported.

There are too many people with exceptionally good ideas that are not seen. There are as many people wanting to help, but not having the network where they actually can meet the innovators and entrepreneurs they read about in the media or see on the crowdfunding sites. Personal meetings beat digital every time when it comes to learning more about each other and getting to truly understand.

It is through our Pioniirs we strive to create a lasting impact. Their passion and dedication to their cause and/or work shines through in all the listed experiences. The Pioniirs will have an impact on you as well as communities and the world.

Our focus, mission and goal!

Our primary focus is on the numerous enthusiasts we call Pioniirs. People who in small or big ways work to improve quality of life. They work quietly, are often unappreciated and merely passed by. That’s what we try to change by giving them this platform and “a voice” and you the possibility to meet them.

This is the first step where we give priority to those who are not yet “discovered”. Not only do they get a platform through Pioniirs to earn additional income, but they get to reach others who validates their efforts and give them a renewed sense of self-confidence.

In all our dealings with Pioniirs we first establish the fact that we are a for-profit social enterprise and not an NGO. Our contribution is to give people an opportunity to make money, fund their cause or work and not be totally dependant on foreign aid or NGOs.

Our mission is to create a sustainable eco-systems where social impact and profit making go hand-in-hand. Additionally, everyone involved in the creation of an experience is aware of the earnings of each party so that there are no misunderstandings or discontent with a listing.

In the grander scheme of things we see this as a small step towards connecting people from all over the world in an intimate setting where the Pioniirs and visitors meet as equals. This platform enables meetings between innovators and supporters and take them to a whole new level where true connections and understanding will make miracles happen!