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trust and safety

Terms and conditions

Pioniirs is not a travel agency. We will not be your guide, pick you up, lead you around and tell you what to see, do or not to do. Pioniirs is simply your gateway to a lot of interesting, progressive and innovative people you usually wouldn’t get to meet. They will take very good care of you and do what they can to give you a memorable experience. Pioniirs is a way for you to make more of your travels, be more conscious, give more back to the communities you visit and leave knowing that’s what you have done. It’s tourism taken away from the mass tourism industry, given back to the local communities and made sustainable for them. It’s a way for you to experience the people and area as it really is, not the “tourist version”. It’s an opportunity for communities to show the world the progress happening on the ground.

On the platform you will find all necessary information regarding our hosts and his/hers/their experience. You can also refer to the reviews from other guests of the experience you are interested in. The platform connects travelers with hosts, facilitate the, listing-, booking- and payment process. The rest is up to you and your host.

Our aim is to minimize our role and maximize what the traveler, host and communities get back from their experiences and encounters.  

We encourage you to read the descriptions thoroughly. It's a good idea to read everything about the activity, the amenities, the difficulty level, meeting points, and if anything is to be prepared before the activity starts so there won’t be any surprises.

Make sure you understand the cancellation policy before submitting a booking request.

Research the area and ducate yourself about the cultural and religious differences in the places you visit. Gender roles and cultural expectations differ widely across the globe and factor into what’s acceptable and what isn’t when at the host’s location.

Taking responsibility for your personal safety when traveling is important. We encourage all out visitors to sign up for traveler's insurance as Pioniirs does not offer traveler’s insurance for guests. However, traveler's insurance is a relatively affordable option that can protect you in case of an injury or emergency on a trip. Some policies even cover lost baggage and travel delays. Check with your local insurance provider for details on your options before you go.

Your host will inform you of all the things you need to know regarding safety in the listing, but people are different so make sure that you take whatever precaution feels necessary for you to feel safe!

Our stong reccomendations for what you should have/bring/check/do, short version, is:

  • Make sure you have a good travel insurance and one that actually has coveradge for the area and type of experience you are visiting
  • Get all the neccesary visas before traveling
  • Get all the vaccines you need in good time befor traveling
  • Bring everything your host tells you to bring
  • Do research of the area before going there
  • Research the host, cause and/or organization
  • Leave your hosts contact info with someone back home
  • Bring any personal medication you might need
  • Always make sure you respect local customs
  • Always respect any rules or regulations your host might have
  • Think before posting pictures from your experience on social media, especially when children are involved.